Investigation of:
isolating fluids (mineral oil, synthetic ester, natural ester, silikon oil)

  • Gas-in-Oil Analysis (DGA), DIN EN 60567:2012-08
  • composition of free gases (Buchholz gases), DIN EN 60567:2012-08
  • Analyse of gaseous fuels and other gases, DIN EN 51872-04:1990-06
  • Water, DIN EN 60814:1999-03
  • Breakdown voltage, DIN EN 60156:1996-03
  • Dielectric dissipation factor, DIN EN 60247:2005-01
  • Acidity, DIN EN 62021- Part 1:2004-06 or Part 2:2008-04 or Part 3:2015-05
  • Interfacial tension, ASTM D971:2012
  • Interfacial tension, ASTM D971:2020
  • Interfacial tension, DIN EN IEC 62961:2019-07
  • Color, DIN ISO 2049:2001-06
  • Appearance, DIN EN 60296:2012-12
  • Solids and mud, DIN EN 60422:2013-11, Attachment C
  • corrosive sulfur acc. to , DIN EN 62535:2009-09
  • many other parameters (on demand) possible

further Service

  • Sampling, also in the case of faults
  • Complete evaluation of the gas balance under normal operating conditions and under fault conditions
  • Consulting services and training schemes with regard to optimum transformer monitoring

Relevant informations:

Konformität von Prüfergebnissen Messunsicherheit - Entscheidungsregel
PDF Format >>
Hermetische Bedingungen für die Gas-in-Öl-Analyse
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Prüfung von Transformatorenöl >>
Überwachungsgestützte Nachhermetisierung von Transformatoren der offenen Bauart
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Alterungsprozess offener Transformatoren bremsen >>
Gas Household of Open Type Transformers
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New Knowledge >>
Improved evaluation of open type transformers according to IEC 60599
PDF Format >>
Online Transformer Gas Diagnostics on the Basis of IEC 60567/60599
Paper for Euro Techcon, Warrington 2009
more >>
Universal Fault Gas Triangle for Transformer Diagnostics
PDF Format >>
Improved Monitoring of Dissolved Transformer Gases on the Basis of a Natural Internal Standard (NIS)
CIGRE-23, Brugge 2007
Capabilities of gas-analytical transformer diagnostics to clear up failures
ew, Jg. 101 (2002),Heft 23, S.48-54
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