Product Range of GATRON GmbH
(as per 01.10.2012)
Product Features
BGS Buchholz Gas Sampler
for sampling/transport to laboratory in alarm situations
BGT Buchholz Gas Tester
for quick analysis in alarm situations
TGM1 Transformer Gas Monitor
quality controlled online gas monitoring
TGM1D Diagnostic Variant
expanded gas sensor for diagnostics
TGM2 Multiple for two Transformers, also as D
switching between two neighbouring oil systems
TGM3 Multiple for three Transformers, also as D
switching between three neighbouring oil systems
TGMmo Mobile Variant, also as D
convertible, simplified installation
EGS Extracting Gas / Oil Sampler for external analysis
sampling and extraction for reliable gas-in-oil / oil-analysis
EGS100 Extracting Gas / Oil Sampler 100ml
for systems with less oil volumes
AGT Automatic gas transporter
diagnostic accessory to the Buchholz Relay
G3B Breathing Buffer Box
post installation hermetic sealing of open type transformers
FGT Fault Gas Triangle (Software)
visualisation of fault gases for diagnostics
GCO Gas correction of openess (Software)
gas emission rate and oxygen consumption rate
BGC Buchholzgas Correction (Software)
calculation of original fault gases

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